Unlock Savings with the
Transcap Fuel Card

Explore all of the ways we help you save and earn.

Guaranteed Savings

Save money with big discounts on every gallon filled. We cover 100% of all diesel fuel purchases. There is NO credit line on our cards.

Accepted Nationwide

Discounts are available at more than 10,000 fueling stations across the country.

No Hidden Fees

No application fee, no monthly fee, no annual fee, no administrative fee. This card comes at no cost to our exclusive Transcap clients.

You're In Control

Easily set your own security features on the account. You can even set individual limits per driver.

Additional Purchases

Fuel card clients have the option to make related purchases like DEF, Reefer, truck wash, oil changes and cash advances.

Inclusive Network

In-network truck stops include all the major fuel stations you know and love across the U.S.

First Invoice Free

We waive factoring fees on the first invoice for all new customers.

Customer Referral Program

Send us business and we’ll send you cash. For every new customer you refer, we send you $500 in [CASH, PRE-LOADED VISA CARD?]

90-day Trial Period

Try us for 90 days without any long-term commitment. We’re confident our fast, easy service will earn your loyalty.

Customize Your Rates

Choose between recourse or non-recourse options to decide which rate is right for you.

Fuel Savings Card

Access fuel savings at major truck stops nationwide with the Transcap Fuel Card.

Tire & Maintenance Program

Get huge discounts on tires (new or used), preventative maintenance and more at [INSERT PARTNER NAME]

Insurance Discount Program

Our in-network pricing makes insurance premiums significantly lower than purchasing a policy/policies on your own.