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Unlock Savings with the
Transcap Fuel Card

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Transcap Fuel Card

When you work with Transcap as your freight factoring partner, you are eligible for the Transcap Fuel Card. It is one of the top fuel discount cards in the industry with premier fraud detection and is accepted nationwide.

Key Features Include:

  • SmartQ RFID Technology
  • Real-time authentication
  • Every purchase verified
fuel card 2

Save More with Transcap | Unbeatable Discounts

Our fuel card offers an average discount of $0.60 to $0.80 per gallon and up to $1.05 per gallon at selected locations. These savings are much better than many of our competitors, ensuring that you get the best value every time you fuel up.

Guaranteed Savings

One of the top fuel discount cards in the industry. Save money with big discounts on every gallon filled.

Accepted Nationwide

Discounts are available at over 25,000 fueling stations across the country.

No Hidden Fees

No monthly fee, no annual fee, no administrative fee. This card comes at no cost to our exclusive Transcap clients.

You're In Control

Easily set your own security features on the account. You can even set individual limits per driver.

Additional Purchases

Fuel card clients have the option to make related purchases like DEF, Reefer, truck wash, oil changes and cash advances.

Inclusive Network

In-network truck stops include all the major fuel stations you know and love across the U.S.