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CPM Calculator

Cost Per Mile Calculator

Know your costs to be profitable and grow.

You know you need to spend money to make money, but at what point are you making money? Use our Cost Per Mile calculator to determine your operational costs per mile as an owner-operator. Your CPM helps you negotiate contracts, find more profitable loads and grow your trucking business.

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Fixed Costs

Do you finance or lease any of your equipment? List the monthly payment here.

Includes Truck Insurance, General Liability, Cargo Coverage

Includes IRP renewal, UCR, HUVT, 2290 expenses, equipment registrations, DL renewal.

Includes ELD, TMS, load boards, association memberships or business website costs

Includes mobile phone, land line, internet, satellite, accounting software, home parking, etc

Variable Costs

Includes truck maintenance, tire replacement, tools, and cleaning supplies

Includes IFTA, tolls and scales

Includes Fuel, Def, Reefer fluid

Includes travel expenses, meals, showers, paid parking, training classes, etc.

Monthly pay for your driver. Owner-operators enter what you plan to pay yourself.

New to the road?

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