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Freight Factoring 101: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The New Owner-Operator’s Guide to Fast Cash

As a new owner-operator, one of your biggest roadblocks is to make sure you have cash on hand to cover costs. A trusted freight factoring partner is a safe, fast way to keep your rig on the road.

Freight Factoring 101: The New Owner-Operators Guide to Fast Cash helps new owner-operators make the right funding decision now to set themselves up for future success.

Our free & easy guide answers all the important questions about freight factoring like:

  • What is freight factoring?
  • How does freight factoring work?
  • Why not work with my bank?
  • What’s a good freight factoring rate?


And so much more!

Download our free guide for expert advice on freight factoring.  

We Want New Owner-Operators to Succeed

Our goal is simple: we want to help your business early on so you can cruise into growth and success. Lean on our quick, supportive team for the expert advice you need to keep you on the road longer.

Use Freight Factoring 101: The New Owner-Operators Guide to Fast Cash to put your business in the fast lane for the long haul.

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