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Electronic Toll Collection for Truck Drivers & Fleets

When you haul loads across the country, or even just a few states, you run into the inevitable: toll collection. There are many state authorities that set and manage tolls, which makes it hard to pick just one electronic toll collection service. 

How to Manage Your Electronic Toll Collection 

States, regions and private companies offer different services that many drivers use instead of getting billed in the mail. Which method works best for you? Well, it depends.  

Here is the latest news about toll collection and roadway expansion: 

  • Electronic toll collection helps you minimize the frequency of bills and avoid late fees. Instead of paying each tool individually, they are all collected in one system and billed monthly.  
  • Reporting functions in various systems make it easy to keep track of tolls and spot mistakes, especially if you have more than one rig per account. 
  • States have historically raised toll prices and are likely to continue with small increases. 
  • Here are some common toll collection systems with moderate subscription fees you may want to consider 
    • E-ZPass: 19 states across the Midwest and East Coast 
    • BestPass: Covers E-ZPass states in addition to packages that cover other regions like Texas, the Southeast and California 
    • ElitePass: Covers E-ZPass states 
    • I-Pass: Workes in Illinois (where you’ll receive discounted tolls) and 18 other states that are part of the E-ZPass network. 
    • SunPass PRO: Covers Florida, Georgia and everywhere that accepts E-ZPass

How to Save Money in Trucking 

Electronic toll collection systems help OTR drivers save time, money and hassle (just like Transcap). With the rising cost of diesel, it’s actually less expensive to drive toll routes and accept the charges rather than adding extra miles to avoid them (in most cases). 

Understand your cost per mile with our free calculator to get a better handle on your expenses, including tolls. 

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