Case Study: Freight Factoring & Trust Drive Growth

“It’s More Than Freight Factoring.”

Armando Arias, Jr. was ready to grow. He started his company with his life savings and four trucks, building the business himself from the ground up. Soon after, he was excited to take on more contracts, but maintenance and equipment expenses grew, too. He knew he needed fast, flexible funding. Enter: Transcap freight factoring.

The Challenge

Before turning to our freight factoring services, Armando faced steep cash flow challenges. He was waiting thirty or sixty days for payments. This made it hard to cover:

  • Daily expenses like fuel
  • Equipment purchases
  • Maintenance

Growth was steady, but it meant that as he added more trucks, he also needed to spend more on diesel. These are common challenges carriers face and we were ready to help Armando solve them.

The Solution: Freight Factoring

Armando was referred to the Transcap team and we quickly got to know him personally. We learned about his background, family, and goals, which helped us find the right funding options for him.

  • Freight Factoring: Our freight factoring provided an immediate solution to his challenges. He had more cash on hand to cover payroll and other important expenses.
  • Credit Line: We offered credit line increases to accommodate Armando’s expanding operations. Because we got to know Armando and could see his growth potential, we offered him an additional line of credit to purchase more trucks for his business.

Unlike other freight factoring companies, our team worked one-on-one with Armando. His account executive, Jennifer, was on hand to personally solve any issues on Armando’s account quickly and efficiently. He never had to speak to an off-shore customer service rep who didn’t understand his business. That’s one plus of a U.S.-based factoring partner.

“I have everything I could possibly need to grow my company. The quality of service and relationships they build can’t be compared to anyone else. This hasn’t felt like a corporate relationship, it feels like I’m talking to my friends who care about me. They’re legit! They have a great system with the software and tech that helps me. Whether you’re new or already in the industry, they have the right attitude to help you grow.” – Armando Arias, Jr.

Featured Services for This Client

  • Freight Factoring
  • Credit Line (available to existing clients)

The Results

The impact on Armando’s bottom line was huge. The daily struggle to stretch funds over thirty or sixty days vanished, allowing Armando to cover payroll, expenses, and equipment purchases more easily.

Monthly billings skyrocketed from $100,000 to $400,000 outstanding!

Since partnering with Transcap, Armando has not only weathered trucking challenges but also shifted from contractors to hiring his own drivers. This move shows his potential for long-term stability and control.

“Now I have a lot more confidence taking on big contracts because I know I have the cashflow to grow.” – Armando Arias, Jr.

In a competitive and often challenging industry, Armando found more than just funding in Transcap; he found a partner he could trust who was invested in his success.

It can be tough to finance your growing business alone. Lean on the funding experts at Transcap who are passionate about getting to know you and helping you succeed. Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with a Transcap team member to learn more or apply online now in 60 seconds.