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Federal Funds Allocated for Port Improvement Projects

Federal Funds Allocated for Port Improvement Projects

In a move that will alleviate hardships caused during the pandemic, federal funds are slated to improve several of our nation’s ports. During the pandemic, goods entering various ports waited weeks to be offloaded from the ships.

What this means for trucking owners-operators

The transportation industry experienced delays, losses, and uncertainty because of the pandemic. Goods that waited on ships were the major drivers for a backlog on inventory.

Here’s what you need to know about these important upgrades:

  • UDDOT is providing more than $700 million to nearly four dozen ports for improvement projects, approved in the $1 trillion infrastructure law.
  • The funding will target coastal seaports, Great Lakes ports and inland river ports. Agencies will be tasked with prioritizing port capacity and resilience, as well as efficiency, emissions reduction and workforce.
  • Maritime Administrator Ann Phillips explained that President Biden’s commitment to modernizing our infrastructure has resulted in an unprecedented investment in all segments of our port infrastructure.
  • Specific projects that are receiving funding include upgrades to the Port of Cleveland warehouse and the Port of Camden truck route in New Jersey.
  • Recently, the Maritime Administration awarded nearly $39 million in grants to a dozen marine highway projects including several based Puerto Rico, New York Harbor and Guam.


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